Our equipment and tests facilities

Testing facilities which fit to your needs

See below our testing facilities used by our engineers and technicians to solve your corrosion and biocorrosion problems.

Metallographic Lab

Laboratoire métaux corrosion de Corrodys

Samples preparation, metallographic and physicochemical analysis, our laboratory meets all necessary equipment to corrosion tests.

Physicochemical lab

laboratoire physique chimie en corrosion, biocorrosion et corrosion marine

Studies and analysis of the impact of Cathodic Protection on marine environment, and characterization of biofilms and corrosion products.

Microbiological lab

Laboratoire Microbiologie en corrosion de Corrodys

Growth of microorganisms playing a role in the corrosion process of materials to perform biocorrosion tests.

Testing loops

Boucles d'essais en milieu renouvelé

Corrodys develops and conducts specific tests that duplicate the field conditions as closely as possible.

In laboratory, testing hall or on-site

  • Corrodys laboratory

    In our structure, we own a metallographic lab with metallographic and electro-chemical equipment, a microbiological lab equipped with microbiological and molecular biology materiel, and a physicochemical lab.

  • Marine station and natural seawater loop

    Build on several years of in-house R&D, we developed our own testing facilities. Two loops are available: the first one located in our lab, the other one in our testing hall continuously provided in natural seawater (Sirius).
    These testing loops allow us to test your materials and coatings according to your operational conditions. It is also perfect to validate biocides efficiency and to study corrosion, biocorrosion and marine corrosion.

  • On-site

    We also perform some of our studies and research directly on site at scale 1.

In addition to Corrodys equipment, the association also enjoys the technical facilities of the University of Caen Basse-Normandie.