Marine corrosion protection

To keep robust and sustainable structure, minimum maintenance and reduced operating costs

Problèmes de biofouling

SIRIUS: marine corrosion testing equipment

The marine environment is an aggressive environment that causes marine corrosion, fouling and biofouling on materials. It is therefore necessary to have equipment capable of recreating this tough environment to test the resistance of materials and protection system.

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Sirius objective

  • Evaluate the behavior of metallic materials in natural seawater
  • Qualify materials or marine coatings
  • Validate treatments against marine corrosion (antifouling, biocide,corrosion inhibitor,cathodic protection …)

Boucle d'essais alimentée en eau de mer naturelle en continue

A testing facility appropriate to corrosion tests in sea water : SIRIUS

A pilot-scale continuous test flow loop like SIRIUS allows us to evaluate the resistance on corrosion and fouling of your metallic materials and coatings, by being close to your operating conditions. Our studies provide you personalized diagnosis and advices about your structure: material choices, design, anticorrosion and antifouling protection, coatings, etc.

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Adjustable facility close to your operating conditions

To fit exactly to your operating conditions, SIRIUS allows you to choose:

Vase d'expansion

  • The level of oxygen: two deaerators allow the partial or complete deoxygenating of water for performing tests under aerobic or anaerobic conditions
  • Temperature: a regulation system to control seawater temperature
  • The treatment of sea water: possibility of injection using metering pumps
  • Flow speed: it maybe adapted to a maximum of 2m/s for a 7cm diameter tube
  • The tested material: metal or not, with or without coating
SIRIUS main characteristics

  • Infrastructure materials of the loop: titanium and titanium-palladium
  • Continuously supplied with natural sea water
  • Dearated or aerated seawater (in open or closed circuit)
  • A flow and controlled temperature (natural to 60°C, 90°C under certain conditions)
  • Continuous measurement of physicochemical parameters (temperature, pH, Redox potential, dissolved oxygen, salinity, …) and corrosion monitoring (electrochemical potential, corrosion rate…)
  • Possible treatment of sea water by injection
  • Possible sampling over time

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Example of tests realized

Qualification of materials:

  • Qualification of material in natural sea water chlorinatedat 50°C: Evaluation of pitting corrosion (tubes) and crevice corrosion effect (device used to simulate cracks) on stainless alloys and titanium. Duration: 6 months.

Test protection solutions against marine corrosion:

  • Effectiveness of an antibacterial product on biofilms on stainless steel surface and electrochemical behavior of stainless alloys in the presence of this product in natural sea water. Duration: 3 months.
  • Effectiveness of products against the sulfidogenic flora on carbon steel at a temperature of 25°C in aerated natural seawater (<20ppb). Duration: 6 months.