Bibliographic studies

Giving you answers to your technical and scientific questions


icone etudes bibliographiqueWe provide bibliographic studies which aim to develop a scientific and technical state-of-the-art based on literature, scientific articles, national and international communication in the field of our customer needs.

We can also extend the scope of one’s research to standards, patents and websites (manufacturer, skills center, etc.).

Analyses and research: an expert view on your issue

This literature is combined with a synthesis which highlight answers, and with an analysis based on our experience in the field of corrosion and biocorrosion.

If the literature contains some grey area or uncertainties, we can propose some complementary tests based on standard protocols such as ASTM, ISA or NACE, or on customized tests.


  • Fouling - Rafal Konkolewski

    Fouling – Rafal Konkolewski

    Bibliographic search on corrosion of stainless alloys immersed in natural seawater at high temperature (>60°C)

  • Bibliographic search on the selection of a material used in the mid buried storage over periods of several decades