Corrodys : corrosion, biocorrosion laboratory

Expert lab specialized in corrosion, especially in marine corrosion and Microbially Influenced Corrosion (MIC)

Corrodys : expertise and solutions to fight corrosion problems

Corrodys help you to reduce your maintenance cost by increasing safety and sustainability for your facilities.

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Corrodys lab is a technological center in corrosion, biocorrosion and marine corrosion which gather complementary specialists to expertise and study all aspects of the corrosion problems.

Our services

  • Expert report
  • Assays
  • Assessment of biocides’ efficacity
  • Consultancy and diagnosis
  • Analysis (metallography, microbiology, physical chemistry)
  • Scientific, technical and norms monitoring
  • Innovation, research & development

Our strengths

A multidisciplinary team

A unique organisation gathering in a same facility, several synergistic skills : corrosion engineers, microbiologists, molecular biologist, electrochemistry, physics and chemistry scientists.

Tailor-made tests

Our test facilities are customizabled to realise assays as closely as possible from your operating conditions. More than 60% of our tests are tailor-made.

Large scope of intervention

We work for every sector confronted with corrosion issues : energy (nuclear, oil & gaz, EMR), shipbuilding , water treatment, food-processing industry …

A research lab

Corrodys is involved in joint innovative programs. We are leader and/or partner in European research programs studying of the interface material / biofilm / fouling.


  • 1999 : Critt BNC creates a microbiology laboratory applied to biocorrosion
  • 2001 : new skill in material/corrosion
  • 2003 : Creation of Corrodys, in collaboration with the university of Caen, the CEA (French Atomic and Alternative Energies Commission) and the support of the Conseil général de la Manche and the Lower-Normandy region
  • 2007 : First participation in an European R&D project (within the framework of the 6th PCRD) “EFFORTS: Effective Operations in Ports
  • 2010 : independent legal entity; associative status


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This project is co-financed by the European Found of Regional Development