Our know-how for corrosion protection

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Corrosion phenomena have an impact on the safety of the structure, endangering their durability.
An efficient corrosion protection reduces your maintenance costs thanks to a less frequently turnover of your materials. Several options are possible to control corrosion: corrosion inhibitor, cathodic protection, coatings, biocides, etc.

Corrodys provides you advices since the design of your project, studies and analyses on your existing structures, and proceeds to assessments, as an expert organization, in case of litigation.

We help you understand corrosion phenomena and select the most suitable anticorrosion method.

Our services


Expertise corrosion première étape avant la recherche de solution contre la corrosion

Corrodys proceeds to your corrosion and biocorrosion expertise: investigation failures, identifying the cause of the failure and recommendation.


Etudes en corrosion et biocorrosion pour maîtriser la corrosion

Evaluate the resistance and the durability of your materials or its protection against corrosion and fouling, in laboratory, in our testing hall or on-site.

Biocides efficiency

Test d'efficacité de produits biocides pour trouver une solution contre la biocorrosion

Test the performance and the conformity of your biocides, thanks to adjustable and proved facilities: efficiency, safety on materials, etc.

Corrosion Diagnosis and advisory services

Conseil et diagnostic pour la solution corrosion ©Ifremer-Olivier-DUGORNAY

Prepare your structure to the future by guaranteeing, since the design, safety and durability: material selection, design, coating, cathodic protection, etc.


Analyses microbiologique, métallographique, physico-chimique

Obtain a better understanding of corrosion phenomena through metallographic, microbiological and physicochemical analyses.


La solution corrosion grace aux études bibliographiques

We provide a complete literature relative to your issues in order to guide you in your decisions.