Testing loops: solutions face to corrosion issues

Our customized tests facilities

for your corrosion and biocorrosion tests

Any material, facing its environment, corrodes. This is different depending on the medium in which the material is immersed: natural sea water, process water, fresh water, etc.

Understanding corrosion to better fight it

problème corrosion
If you are at the beginning of your project, seeking for advices on the design of your structure, or if you simply want to improve the protection of your existing structure against corrosion problems, our testing facilities will answer your questions about your material behavior and its protection treatment (biocide, anticorrosion, antifouling).

puce corrodysOur testing facilities in corrosion and marine corrosion

Boucle d'essais en milieu renouvelé pour test corrosion biocorrosionTesting loop in renewed environment

Developed in collaboration with TOTAL, this is a test tool adapted to evaluate the effectiveness of biocides and their safety on materials.
Also test the resistance of your materials to MIC.

SIRIUS: pilot-scale continuous test flow loopSirius : Industrial loop in natural seawater

Installed in our testing hall and supplied with continuous natural seawater, Sirius validates the strength of your materials or coatings immersed in sea water (up to 60 ° C).
Adaptable, it will carry out tests close to your operating conditions.

puce corrodysCustomized corrosion tests

Corrodys, expert in corrosion and biocorrosion problems, provides necessary tools to professionals who want to realize corrosion and biocorrosion tests, appropriate to their own issues and which will help them to make the best choices in terms of protection against corrosion.