Some of our achievments

Icone scienceSince the establishment of the association in 2003, engineers and PHDs of Corrodys have provided lots of services, in corrosion, marine corrosion and biocorrosion, enriching the laboratory of the experience gained.



  • Corrosion of aluminum brass tubes of an evaporator on a seawater desalination plant
  • Corrosion and biocorrosion on a hot water network
  • Corrosion on a tubular beam condenser

Echantillon métallique après essai en eau de mer naturelleCorrosion tests

  • In natural seawater at 60°C on pre-selected materials
  • Pitting studies on stainless steel samples in several media
  • Biocide studies to help the selection of new eco-friendly biocide
  • Determination of the pitting corrosion resistance and evaluation of the corrosion potential and the pitting and repassivating potential of metals and alloys in a given medium.


  • Equipment marinization

Bibliographic search

  • Weakening of carbon steels on H2
  • Atmospheric corrosion in marine atmosphere