Corrosion and Biocorrosion studies

Essai de corrosion sous imposition de potentiel d'alliages inoxydables en eau de merCorrosion and biocorrosion studies

Corrosion and Biocorrosion studies are tests which aim to evaluate resistance or durability of a material or its protection system:  anticorrosion treatment, antifouling.

puce corrodysObjective

Our corrosion and biocorrosion studies are made to understand interaction between a material and its environment (seawater, oil, marine atmosphere, soil, gaseous medium, industrial effluents, etc.) in order to make the better choice in terms of:

  • Metallic materials:

    Validation of their resistance to the medium to which they are intended; qualification toward corrosion and biocorrosion, particularly the sulfidogenic flora

  • Coatings (anticorrosion treatment and antifouling):

    Validation of their resistance to the medium to which they are intended, cathodic disbondment, salt spray, age testing in climatic chamber, etc.

  • Biocides

    Efficiency evaluation on microorganisms and its safety on material (en savoir plus sur les tests d’efficacité de produits biocides)

  • Corrosion inhibitor:

    Efficiency validation and its non-toxicity for the environment

These studies may allow you to select materials and protection system for an applications in the treatment of food processing surfaces, heating and air conditioning circuits, systems on board in ships, oil installations, MRE structures (Marine Renewable Energy), etc.

puce corrodysStudies appropriate to your issues

From the definition of the specifications to the full implementation of the tests, Corrodys team supports you in achieving corrosion and biocorrosion tests following standards (ASTM, ISO, NACE, etc.) but also in creating customized tests as close as possible to your operating conditions.

These tests are realized in laboratory but can also be running on site thanks to samples, scale model and pilot-scale.

puce corrodysDifferent tests types

Exposure of a material in aggressive medium or atmosphere, with or without bacteria involved in corrosion problems.

Etude corrosion en immersion du titane en milieu acide Immersion test

  • Natural seawater
  • Fresh water
  • Process water
  • Others

Atmospheric test

  • Acid atmosphere
  • Salt spray
  • Age testing

Essai corrosion sous contrainte - Flexion 4 pointsStress test

  • U-bend
  • 4-point bending tests

puce corrodysExamples of realized studies