Evaluation of biocides efficency

Test biocide - Flacon serum aiguilleEvaluate your biocides effectiveness

Corrodys realizes biocides effectiveness tests thanks to adjustable loops. The aim is to advise you in the selection process of your biocides, in order to avoid corrosion problems, accelerated corrosion, etc.

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You are…

A biocide user

Test efficacité biocide - Plateforme pétrolière

You want to be insuring of biocides efficiency, their safety face to your products and facilities, in accordance with the regulations and eco-friendly.

icone fleche orangeCorrodys helps you to select the better treatment solution

Manufacturer/Supplier of biocides

Test efficacité biocide - Traitement de l'eau

You need to adapt your products to the European regulation, test new chemical formulations and their efficiency.

icone fleche orangeCorrodys helps you to launch efficient and eco-friendly products on the market

puce corrodysAdjustable and proved testing facilities

Corrodys offers adjustable and proved facilities to test your biocides. The results will allow you to know:

  • If your biocides are really efficient: they actively suppress or reduce the harmful microorganisms
  • If your biocides are safe for your materials: they do not cause corrosion problems
  • If your biocides are in accordance with European regulation: they are eco-friendly

Puce-corrodysBiocides validation approach

A large range of products are commercialized, so a selection need to be first realized in laboratory. We provide biocides test on your own process water samples. The test is conducted in two stages:

Stage 1: Biocides screening in non-renewed medium: this first stage allows realizing a pre-selection of several products. We first test their efficiency on bacteria in the circulating medium (planktonic bacteria), then on the biofilm (sessile bacteria). The most successful products are selected.

Stage 2: Biocides validation in renewed medium: products selected are tested in renewed environment thanks to our test loops.

Discover our testing facilities pour valider l’efficacité de produits biocides.

puce corrodysImportance of biocides efficiency in industries

Our objective: effectively protect your structures

biofouling et corrosion accélérée structure portuaireIn industry, biocides (antimicrobial products) are used to fight microorganisms involved in failures: corrosion problems, souring, biofouling, fouling. These disorders result yield loss which increase:

  • Production costs
  • Maintenance costs
  • Default risks
  • Contamination of facilities

Many industry sectors are affected by these phenomena such as energy (oil and gas, nuclear, MRE – Marine Renewable Energies), water treatment, food processing, etc.

Emerging biocides directive

In order to protect living beings from hazardous chemical products, Europe has set up the REACH regulation in 2006. Effective since 1st June, 2007, this regulation forces manufacturers or importer of chemical products to prove the effectiveness and the safety on Humans and environment of products.
Now, these products cannot be launched or used if they do not have an authorization.