Corrosion expert assessment

Corrosion expert assessment on a pipeline punctured by a corrosion problemBiocorrosion and corrosion expert assessment

From swabing to the final report presenting the origin of corrosion’s damages, Corrodys offers corrosion and biocorrosion expert assessment. Corrodys reaminsneutral and independant in order to ensure objectivity in the results.

puce corrodysObjectives of a corrosion or biocorrosion expert assessment

(Expertise on damages due to corrosion issues)

  • Identification of the corrosion damages’ origin thanks to an investigative work on site (review of the commissioning, the operating procedures …), analyses in laboratory and the study of technical documents.
  • Recommendation of corrective actions (if the damages’ origins have been identified).
How is an expert assessment carried out ?

Inspection of the facilities

Intervention on siteThe inspection on site will give useful informations about the facility operation history. It will give us the opportunity to have a visual inspection of the facilities and take samles too. It is an important step within the expert assessment process because it gives our engineers informations about the actual operating conditions of your structures, helping them better understand the reasons of the system breackdown.

Sampling for analysis

  • Sampling done by CORRODYS : Samplings are made with proper equipment to avoid deterioration or modification which could influence analysis.
  • Sampling done by yourself or a third party and sent to CORRODYS : without prior consultation with us, a deterioration or modification could not be excluded, and could therefore influence the final result.


Microbiological analyses for biocorrosion expert assessmentAnalyses on metals, biofilms, deposits, water and other industrial environments

Detailed report

At the end a detailed report is provided, gathering all analyses results, the experts’ conclusions and advice to increase the lifespan and the security of your industrial structures and systems.

puce corrodysCorrodys’ strengths

A multidisciplinary team

Corrodys Microbially influenced corrosionDamages due to corrosion issues are the results of a combinaison of three factors : material, microorganisms and environment. A multidisciplinary knowledge is required to identify the origin of the problems :

  • Corrosion and MIC
  • Material science
  • Physico-chemistry
  • Microbiology or molecular biology (in case of a biocorrosion phenomenon)

Experience, indispensable tool for an expert assessment

We use different analyses’ techniques in situ and ex situ. The number of samples taken and of analyses made will have a direct impact on the cost of the expert assessment. Therefore, experience is a valuable ressource which reduce the number of samples and techniques to use to lower the final cost of the study.

puce corrodysExamples

  • Corrosion on sea water pipeline and fresh water pipeline equipped on cruise ships
  • Expert assessments on ships’ equipments : condensers, coil-type immersion heat exchangers, propellers, swimming pool technical room and spa, …
  • Corrosion in a sea-water desalination plant
  • Corrosion on swimming-pools
  • Corrosion on a sewage treatment plant
  • Corrosion sur heating networks
  • Inspection on ports (control of cathodic protection)
  • Microbially influenced corrosion on different materials (metallic or not)