Diagnosis and Advices

Find the appropriate solution to your needs

Advisory services

Coaching from the design of your structure

Half of equipment failures, due to corrosion phenomenon, originate in the design of the structure.

To design a sustainable and durable structure face to corrosion, Corrodys advise you in terms of:

  • Metallic materials selection
  • Assembly system of your materials
  • Protection system to use (anticorrosion, antifouling, biocides, corrosion inhibitor, coatings, etc.)

Corrosion diagnosis

An expert knowledge of your structure condition

Once your plants are operating, we perform a corrosion diagnosis to verify the corrosion resistance of your materials and performance of your anti-corrosion solution (antimicrobial products, inhibitors, coatings).

This assessment (regular or one-off follow-up) will serve you in maintaining your systems by bringing you an expert knowledge of the condition of your structures.

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