Environmental Policy

Corrodys is engaged in an eco-friendly approach

Convince by the long term economic interest and the environmental benefit of an eco-friendly attitude, we created and set up an evolutionary Environmental Charter.

Charte de protection de l'environnementThis document, respected by all our employees, dictates our commitments in terms of energy, waste management, transportation, etc.
Its application allows Corrodys to contribute to the protection of the environment thanks to the limitation of the impact of our activity, the reduction and valorization of our waste and the preservation of natural resources.

Eco-friendly approach: the charter

Our commitments:

Waste sorting and treatment

  • Our wastes are separated and recovered depending on their nature. They then are treated in specialized institutions.

Emissions treatment

  • Our emissions are treated in the internal treatment plant of our building.

Electricity, lighting

  • Our offices are not light at night and on weekends. The lights in desks that are not occupied during working hours are turning off.

  • Each evening computers and monitors are turned off instead of simply paused.

  • In the lab lobby, one lamp on two has been removed to avoid excessive power consumption; the number of street lights in our parking lot has also been reduced.


  • We print emails in case of real necessity.

  • Internal communication is via email.


  • We promote the use of teleconference or videoconference to avoid unnecessary travel.