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PROCOMIC (Identification of biomarkers of biocorrosion)

Project on the identification of new biomarkers of the biocorrosion of carbon steel in an anaerobic environment.

Duration : 2018 – 2021

puce corrodysPartners

  • Co-financers : Région Normandie, FEDER/FSE 2014-2020 European Union

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  • Project Partners

puce corrodysContexte

Steel is widely used for all types of structures (docks, pipelines, offshore structures, etc.) and in various sectors of activity such as civil engineering, MRE, oil and gas and nuclear. These structures have serious problems of Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion (MIC) (also called “biocorrosion”) (loss of thickness greater than 1mm/year) leading to an increase of maintenance costs or the use of treatment systems that are costly for the operator and have a negative impact on the environment.

Although widely studied internationally for more than 50 years, MIC is a corrosion phenomenon that is still poorly understood. CORRODYS and TOTAL have worked together for more than 10 years to try to improve knowledge of this phenomenon. The research already performed have made it possible to reproduce in the laboratory MIC phenomena under controlled conditions, an essential first step for understanding the mechanisms. 

In order to improve the understanding of these phenomena, CORRODYS and TOTAL join forces with the platform PISSARO, a specialist of the study of the protein and the GREYC laboratory, specialized in the Raman analysis of inorganic compounds (University of Normandy) in the project PROCOMIC.


puce corrodysObjectives

The objectives of the project are :

  • To improve scientific knowledge on the biocorrosion mechanisms of carbon steel in anaerobic environments through a multidisciplinary approach, ranging from the analysis of corrosion products to the study of genes and their expression on corrosive biofilms in the laboratory,
  • To identify new biomarkers of carbon steel biocorrosion.

puce corrodysRole of Corrodys

Corrodys is project coordinator.

Its main tasks are the following :

  • Supply of samples for analysis,
  • Development of analytical methods by molecular biology (metagenomics, metatranscriptomics),
  • Development of electrochemical methods for the selection of microorganisms accelerating corrosion phenomena,
  • Identification of genetic markers.

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