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 PASeaFIC (Protection at Sea against Fouling In Current )

Project on the protection against bio-fouling in tidal turbine sites.

2015 -2019  

Summary of the project :

The PASeaFIC project objective is, on the one hand, to identify biofouling likely to develop in Raz Blanchard on tidal turbine farms and, on the other hand, to identify and test antifouling protection systems for a tidal turbine site such as Raz Blanchard.

puce corrodysParters

  • Financial Backers : Normandy Region, FEDER/FSE 2014-2020 European Union

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  • Project members

puce corrodysContext

Like all fixed or mobile structures immersed in the sea, the various components of a tidal turbine farm (hydroliennes, substations, cables, connectors) are subject to the development of biofouling. These marine bio-fouling can then have more or less significant impacts on the functioning of hydroelectric farms: decrease in hydrodynamic efficiency, fouling of heat exchangers, weighing of structures, acceleration of corrosion phenomena, etc. The consequences of this phenomenon are then a significant decrease in machine efficiency, a lower farm availability rate with increased maintenance interventions.

The development of biofouling has a direct impact on the economic profitability of hydroelectric farm projects.

To our knowledge, no data are available on the development of biofouling on fixed structures at Raz Blanchard and on the effectiveness of antifouling protection under the conditions specific to Raz Blanchard.

puce corrodysObjective

  • Identify biofouling likely to develop on tidal turbine farms in Raz Blanchard
  • Identify and evaluate the market’s antifouling protection systems best suited to protect Raz Blanchard hydroelectric farms in terms of efficiency, environmental impact, durability, implementation and costs (coatings or other…)

puce corrodysCorrodys’ role

In this project on the future Raz Blanchard  tidal turbine site, Corrodys’ role is to provide its knowledge and expertise on biofouling on marine structures, and then to participate in the evaluation of the antifouling effectiveness of the selected protection systems.

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