Collaboration within the Lower-Normandy with LABÉO-Manche

CORRODYS works in collaboration with LABEO-Manche

LABEO-MancheFormer LDA, the departmental laboratory of analyses of La Manche

Become LABÉO-Manche in January 2014 after its merge with the other two analyses centers of Calvados and Orne department, the laboratory of Saint-Lô aims to support the territorial economic activities through its public service tasks regarding agriculture, food security and environment.

It is in this perspective that CORRODYS and LABÉO-Manche collaborate in the development of a new technique for the characterization of micro-organisms in the field of biocorrosion. This new method will be less expensive and faster in the identification process of bacteria. Those are major elements for the competitiveness of CORRODYS, laboratory specialist in corrosion, marine corrosion and biocorrosion. This regional collaboration will give a significant competitive advantage to the services provided by CORRODYS.